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Crossing the Runway

Many visitors to Gibraltar cross the international airport’s runway to get in to the city.  It is one of the many unusual tourist attractions of Gibraltar. Visitors are often surprised that they are walking across the runway they had just landed on only minutes before.

Image of Gibraltar International Airport

Photo ©: Alaister Nurse

Did you know…

Those of a certain age (or musical persuasion) might want a similar photo to the legendary John Lennon and Yoko Ono wedding photo. 

Image of People at the Runway

Photo ©:

Naturally the spot near Air Traffic Control is an epic selfie / photo opportunity, but we must remember the area is an active runway.

You’ve probably never asked the question before; “How do I cross a runway safely?”  But fear not, RAF Gibraltar has provided the following guidance:

  • Please comply with all directions given by Police Officers (have a chat with them if you are unsure about directions). 
    • Our police officers like helping and meeting visitors to Gibraltar and know most hotels and attractions.
  • Stay in lane
  • We know it is the best spot for photos, but please don’t stay too long on the runway.
    • After all, a plane is likely to be landing or taking off soon.
  • Check your pockets! Don’t let your valuables fall out in the wind. Close your pockets if you can.
    • Please do not drop litter – litter entering aircraft engines can cause serious damage.
  • Please keep an eye on small children and keep pets under control.
  • If the lights turn red as you approach the runway, and you are asked to stop, please wait at the barrier. 
    • Get a front row view and catch that epic video of a plane landing.

Did you know…

  • The airfield is on land that was originally Gibraltar’s Horse Racing track.
  • Initially RAF Gibraltar was known as RAF North Front (opened in 1942).
Image of Old Military Airplanes

Photo ©: IWM Non-Commercial Licence.

We hope you enjoy one of the best views of the Rock of Gibraltar and the experience of walking across an international airport’s runway – however, please remember we can all help keep the airport a safe environment.

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