Technical information

General Information

Position: 36°09'04"N, 005°20'59“W
Elevation: 4m (12ft)
Airport Category: Up to small Code D
Runway: 09/27 1778m x 45m, Surfaced Grooved Asphalt, PCN65
Taxi Times In/Out:  05 Minutes
Emergency Services: Up to ICAO Category 7 (ICAO 8 Available on Request)
Current Aircraft operating: ATR72/A319/A320
Aircraft Stands: 5:  Code C x 4, Code D x 1
ATC & Navigational Facilities: Surveillance Radar Approach, TACAN, UDF/VDF, PAPIs, Simple Approach Lighting
Operating Hours: Summer: 0800-2100 GMT Sun-Fri, 0800-1530 GMT Sat, Winter: 0900-2200 GMT Sun-Fri, 0900-1630 GMT Sat (Closed 25 December Only)

* Please consult the latest AIP for up to date, accurate information*

The Terminal

Arrivals: 2 Baggage Reclaim belts
Departures:16 Check-in desks, 3 Departure gates
Terminal Capacity: 1 million passengers yearly 
Turnaround Times: A319 30 minutes, A320 35/45/60 minutes
Turnaround times are based on existing carriers.

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Gibraltar International Airport
British Lines Road

GX11 1AA