Covid-19 Measures

Air Terminal – COVID 19 Measures

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When the current COVID-19 crisis started, Gibraltar Airport adopted a whole series of measures as a direct initial response to this new threat.

The measures were based on the guidance and advice provided by Public Health Gibraltar and some aviation specific guidelines provided by Public Health England.

After practically shutting down completely, the aviation industry has now started to respond and the different industry lobbies, (airlines, airports, ground handlers, regulators, etc.) are beginning to indicate what the future of travel will look like until a vaccine or cure has been developed. They have now issued various recommendations and guidelines for individual states and territories to adopt as best practices.

The attached travel advice is aimed at providing passengers using Gibraltar Airport with information which will enable them to plan for the whole of the journey to their destination and know what to expect at the different stages of their journey.

The measures listed below show what is currently in place and which new ones will be adopted in order to continue delivering a safe environment for our passengers and staff in line with the high standards of service we are known for.

It is important to note that to date these measures will be kept permanently under review and updated as necessary.

1.- Existing Measures

Measures taken to date:

  1. All Public Health advice available on the Gibraltar Airport website, on signage in all areas throughout the Air Terminal, on handouts and on the Flight Information Display Screens.
  2. Dispensers containing alcohol based gels available throughout the whole departure and arrival process in all the public areas and at staff workstations.
  3. All Public Counters fitted with self-standing Plexiglas screens.
  4. All toilets/washrooms cleaned daily every two hours or before and after flight operations and available for hand washing.
  5. Physical Distancing mitigation via stanchions in front of every Public Counter, stickers on the floor in the queuing areas, PA announcements and enforcement using ad hoc foot patrols.
  6. All trays and tables at Central Search disinfected before and after flight operations daily.
  7. All trolleys used in Arrivals and the Main Concourse disinfected before and after flight operations daily.
  8. All public seating relocated to observe social distancing with seats blanked off to achieve this. All of them disinfected daily.
  9. All touch surfaces, (handrails, lift buttons, door handles, etc.) cleaned regularly various times a day before and after flight operations.
  10. Staff issued with Face Shields for use when it is not possible to maintain social distances with gloves available for searching both persons and bags.

2.- Future Measures

In the addition to the above, and bearing in mind the guidelines now available, below are the extra measures being implemented:

  1. The wearing of facemasks/ face coverings by passengers departing Gibraltar when they enter the Air Terminal.
  2. offering a special facility for passengers who fall in the cohort of most vulnerable people (70+ and/or underlying medical conditions).
  3. This is quite simple to achieve as we already offer this to Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRMs) and those with hidden disabilities, who have the option of screening at the Staff Search security area and then escorted up to Departures, which avoids them queueing up in Central Search.
  4. Restricting entry into the Air Terminal.

    With effect Friday 17 July  access into the Air Terminal will be limited as follows:

    1. Only passengers who are travelling will be allowed to access the Check In area via the Northern Main Door when this is active.
      This does not apply to persons accompanying a passenger requiring assistance, unaccompanied minors, hidden disabilities or any other similar special circumstances.
    2. Persons wishing to use the Landside Cafeteria, Skyshop, ATM or any other service we provide can do so via any of the other doors.
    3. There will be limited access to “Meeters and Greeters”, (persons meeting passengers off the flight), to a determined amount dictated by the area/social distance available. Air Terminal users are requested to comply with instructions issued by members of staff.
    4. When flights arrive, a one-way system will be implemented using the sliding door adjacent to the cafeteria as the entrance for any Meeters and Greeters and the Southern Main Door as the Exit for everyone including the arriving passengers. Having said this we would prefer that arriving passengers are met outside.

In summary, Gibraltar Airport will continue working to ensure the safety of passengers and our staff and will always follow any guidelines, recommendations and directives, using a risk based approach, to keep flying from Gibraltar as positive an experience as possible. This will ensure that we maintain the confidence of our passengers and partner airlines who will be part of the key of opening up Gibraltar and its economy.